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1 lb ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP Melt And Pour 100% All Natural Athentic Real Ghana Africa Handmade Bulk Wholesale 16 oz


1 lb ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP Melt And Pour 100% All Natural Athentic Real Ghana Africa Handmade Bulk Wholesale 16 oz

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Product Description

The Gourmet Rose

1 lb Organic African Black Soap

~This is not a typical melt and pour soap, but since you can melt it and pour in molds, we have put it in the melt and pour soap base section.  Wonderful to melt down and add your own fragrances and herbs, or break of a chunk and form into shapes.  It is a softer, pliable soap and simply wonderful!~   NOTE:  THIS SOAP DOES NOT MELT LIKE TYPICAL MELT POUR.  MAKE SURE WHEN YOU MELT DOWN, YOU USE A GLASS BOWL THAT IS PLENTY LARGE FOR THE AMOUNT OF BLACK SOAP USED.  IT WILL FOAM AND BUBBLE, SO USE SHORTER INCREMENTS, KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON THE SOAP.  IT WILL NOT MELT TO A LIQUID, BUT A THICK PASTE IN WHICH YOU CAN INCORPORATE YOUR ADDITIVES AND ESSENTIAL OILS.  SIMPLY SPOON BY SPOONFULS IN TO YOUR MOLDS AND PRESS IN AND LET COOL.  YOU CAN ALSO TAKE THE SOAP AND ROLL ON A HARD SURFACE INTO BALLS OR FORM IN TO BARS IN YOUR DESIRED SHAPES.   BEWARE OF IMITATION BLACK SOAP!  SOME CALL THEIR HANDMADE SOAP, "BLACK SOAP" BECAUSE THEY DYE THE SOAP BLACK.  REAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP IS NOT REALLY BLACK, BUT A BROWNISH COLOR AND DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY DYE AT ALL. Our black soap is not made by us, we leave this to the professional Black Soap makers for the very best product possible.  All our Black Soap is naturally hand-made from the continent Africa, mainly Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. - African Black Soap has a deep cleansing effect. -African Black Soap Suits all skin types. Good for babies and sensitive skins too. - African Black Soap is very sharp and does not leave a film on your skin. - African Black Soap restores skins damaged from excessive use of bleaching creams and    chemicals. - African Black Soap heals chronic eczema, acne, pimples, freckles and dark spots. - African Black Soap cleans deep into pores to activate the regeneration and rejuvenation   of the skin. - The antiseptic effect of African black soap prevents rashes, itch, dry and scaly skin from   developing. - African Black Soap like any other good African Black Soap does not have animal testing    involved. - Due to the level of professionalism, our African Black Soap does not have any child-labour    involved in the making. Active ingredients in Black Soap: 
Water, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil. It possesses many curative and healing properties as well as enhancing the appearance and feel of the skin. This is the type of Black Soap intended for use on sensitive skin and hair. African Black Soap traditionally made in Ghana, West Africa (this kind is also made in Nigeria, West Africa) Totally organic, this black soap is the REAL thing!  This does not contain fragrance, which some skin types are sensitive to. Black Soap is also known as Anago Soap or Alata Soap in Ghana, and as Ose Dudu in Nigeria. Our Black Soap is made from roasted cocoa (chocolate) pods, plantain skins ashes mixed with palm oil. Black Soap is especially recommended for the very young and the elderly, or anyone with tender skin. It leaves the skin smooth and soft. It also works well with the use of moisturizing pure African Shea Butter (which we also carry in our store). Raw Black Soap is prized for its quality antiseptic properties and for its gentleness on the skin and hair and we are glad to bring this to you at a fabulous price!
Active ingredients in Black Soap: 
Water, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil. No DETERGENTS No SURFACTANTS No SULFATES No Chemicals No Colors or Dyes No Perfumes or Scents  No SUGAR SOLUTIONS No ALCOHOL SOLUTIONS NO SLS OR SLES NO foul smell Yes 100% Soap Yes, Vegan (except milk in goat's milk soap) Yes, All-Natural Yes, 100% Vegetable Soap Yes, Hypo-Allergenic  Soap base is Non-Comedogenic Yes, Biodegradable Yes, 20% added Glycerine (except for low sweat bases) Yes, Soap base can be melted numerous times without yellowing Yes, Soap base can be easily sliced and pops out of molds Yes, Soap base is great with additional oils, herbs, & essential oils.

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